SWINDA COWORK OFFICE is located in Santa Teresa – the Silicon Paradise. It was created in order to meet a growing demand for a well-organized workspace where freelancers, developers, forward-thinkers, executives and start ups from around the world could come to work in a dependable and reliable space. It is a progressive and engaging coworking space where locals and digital nomads can be productive while also sharing knowledge, exchanging skills, meeting strategic partners and increasing their business network.

This dependable and reliable coworking space is equipped with 100MBit of High Speed Internet, Fiber Optic Lines and an Uninterruptible Power Supply, which means that you will be able to connect to the Internet even when the rest of Santa Teresa has no power. SWINDA COWORK OFFICE also uses Cat6 cables and has surge protectors in every room to protect your equipment. Come and experience tropical coworking by the beach where ideas, people, cultures, knowledge and work lives come together.

Working together feels better! It can help to expand your business network and increase your income while feeling less isolated. Who knows? You may end up working next to your future business partner or even the love of your life.


Swinda and Aldo are the owners of SWINDA COWORK OFFICE in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Swinda came to Costa Rica in 2013 as a digital nomad with a passion for surf. She was seeking a healthier work-life balance so she quit her job as an art director and team leader in an agency in Berlin and moved to the little beach village of Santa Teresa. After months of working with a terrible Internet connection and frequent power outages that often disrupted her work or disconnected her during important Skype meetings, Swinda started to crave a well-organized office with reliable infrastructure where her equipment wasn’t constantly being assaulted by the salty ocean air and humidity. In 2017, she decided to create her own shared office space and, together with the help of her boyfriend Aldo, they opened SWINDA COWORK OFFICE in December.

Swinda is a 40 year old Web and Graphic Designer, originally from Stuttgart, Germany. She studied Digital Design in Augsburg and Computer Science in Böblingen. Swinda works as a freelancer at SWINDA COWORK OFFICE and she loves to share her space with other digital office workers from around the world. Swinda and Aldo have a 3-year-old daughter. For more information about Swinda, visit her website: www.swinda.de.


WhatsAPP: +506 62669425
Email: info@coworkercostarica.com

We are renovating! The cowork space is closed in April.

We will prepare 2 comfortable 2-bedroom apartmens for you.

With Highspeed Internet, AC and Desks to work.